Make sure your employees are protected while on the job with Workers Compensation Insurance through the Addison Insurance Agency.


Workers compensation coverage is vital for any business that has employees. In Georgia, it’s also the law that businesses with 3 or more employees carry this policy! If one of your employees is injured while working, traveling between locations, running a business related errand, or simply going to the office mailbox, the associated medical costs are the business’ responsibility.
Many companies that use contract labor or pay by 1099 may think the people working for them are not employees, but that is not how the courts view employment.


The following demonstrates the difference between an employee and an independent contractor.


An Employee
  • Has a continuing relationship with an employer.
  • Normally is furnished significant tools, materials, etc. by the employer.
  • Can quit at any time without incurring liability.
  • Must comply with instructions about when, where and how to work.
  • Is trained by the employer.

  • An Independent Contractor
  • Does the same work for others that is done for you.
  • Has own tools and equipment and can hire, supervise and pay assistants.
  • Can make a profit or suffer a loss.
  • Sets own hours and work schedule.
  • Has a business license

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