Getting great coverage for your Personal Auto Insurance through the Addison Insurance Agency is quick and painless!


Our goal is to provide our clients with the very best value for their Auto Insurance. Much like buying a car, it’s important to get the right options for the right price. That is why we focus on properly evaluating our client’s car insurance needs, making sure their assets and future earnings will be protected in the event of a claim, and providing auto insurance solutions quickly and with the best options to fit any budget.

Auto Insurance premiums are often an area where individuals or families make an effort to economize by reducing coverage to lower their expenses. However, a driver that causes an accident while operating a vehicle will be held financially responsible for a mistake. In our experience, the lowest priced policy usually offers the least value and protection.


Here are a few things to consider when reviewing your Auto Insurance:


  • How much can you afford to pay if you are involved in an accident? To keep premiums low, you may want to choose higher deductibles and be willing to pay more for repairs.
  • Do you have young or inexperienced drivers in the home?
  • If you or any one that drives your car is at fault in an accident, do you want your insurance to cover all the costs associated, or are you comfortable paying expenses that go beyond your auto insurance coverage limits?
  • The procedure for filing a claim, including who to call and what happens after you file a claim.
  • The ease of having your car repaired by using our companies’ concierge claim centers.

The Addison Insurance Agency agents work with you to understand your needs, provide excellent car insurance coverage, and reduce your premiums by:

  • Having multiple policies with the same insurance company
  • Evaluating the age and value of your vehicle. You may not need Collision or Comprehensive coverage
  • Utilizing company programs such as teen driver monitoring and anti-theft devices
  • Defensive Driver, Good Student Discounts, and discounts for college students away from home without a car
  • Insuring multiple cars and many more!

The Addison insurance Agency’s experienced and knowledgeable agents are happy to guide you through your Auto Insurance purchase, explain the benefits of each coverage, and make sure you receive the highest value for your insurance policy. Georgia Drivers can speak with an agent today by calling 770-675- 9175, or competing the short quote form on this page.

What does your auto insurance cover?

Liability Coverage

If you’re at fault in an accident, this is the coverage that pays to repair the other party’s vehicle or property, and their bodily injury medical bills.


This coverage will pay to repair your vehicle if you’re at fault in an accident after your deductible.

Uninsured Motorist

The most important auto policy coverage! This pays YOU if you’re in an accident and the other driver doesn’t have insurance, or have enough insurance to cover your property damage and bodily injury expenses.

Medical Payment

Coverage for minor medical bills for you and anyone in your car. We recommend having this coverage to offset your health insurance deductible.


Also known as Other Than Collision, this coverage pays to repair your car for incidents that are not auto accidents, such as hail damage, a tree falling on your car, and even flood damage.

Roadside Assistance & Rental Car

These parts of your auto policy provide help if you’re locked out of your car, need gas, have a flat tire, or need to rent a car due to an at fault accident.


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